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10 reasons why you should grow weed plants from seed

You may have heard it; The Netherlands is a cutting country. That is if you can believe the old school growers because growing weed plants from seeds are also gaining ground in Canada. Certainly not without reason, weed seeds have a number of major advantages over cuttings.

To minimize the time it takes to germinate from seed, cuttings or clones are the way to go. You can get them fairly easily, often through one of the many Canadian growers on Facebook and almost immediately put them in bloom. The cuttings are handy because you don’t have to grow male plants. These days, however, weed seeds are even easier to get through online sellers across the country.

1. More choice in weed seeds

Perhaps the biggest advantage of weed plants from seed over cuttings is the enormous freedom of choice that seed growers have. There are a huge number of seed banks and they all have an extensive menu. This is in contrast to cuttings, in which you are usually dependent on the type of cuttings farmer at that time. If you already know a cutting grower through your favourite facebook group…

2. Cannabis seeds are cheaper

Cannabis seeds are a lot cheaper than cuttings. This is because the person selling you cuttings runs a high risk and you pay for that. You can buy weed seeds between 10 and 20 Canadian dollars each.

3. More discreet weed home growing

Anyone who grows from seed has nothing to do with anyone. You can just google a shop and purchase a few first-class weed seeds and have them discreetly delivered. With cuttings it is different, you have to talk to a cut farmer or find out via contact via behind. Then you have to meet somewhere to close the purchase with all the associated risks.

4. No male weed plants required

Anyone who grows weed plants with feminized seeds does not have to worry about male weed plants. Feminized seeds have become so common these days that there is a feminized seed for every variety. In the past, this was not the case and only cutters had this enormous advantage, but nowadays you don’t have to leave seeds behind because of male plants.

5. Stronger weed plants

A cutting is a cut piece of plant that has formed roots. These grow horizontally from the stem but have no taproot. The taproot is exclusively reserved for seed plants, it is the first root of a newly sprouted weed seed and grows straight down. This makes seed plants stronger and places them more firmly anchored in the ground than weed plants from cuttings. These are perfect for outdoor growing.

6. More about autoflowers

If you want to grow autoflowers then you cannot ignore weed seeds at all. Because an autoflower has a fixed life cycle, you cannot take cuttings from it. From a technical point of view, perhaps still, but the new spot would flower simultaneously with the mother plant. For this reason, there are no cuttings from autoflowers. With seed, on the other hand, you have a wide selection of autoflowers, more and more autoflowers are added and there are nowadays also varieties that you can only get as an autoflower.

7. Less chance for insect attack

When you buy cuttings from another grower you often also buy his vermin. That’s why you should always dip cuttings in a pesticide before you put them in your grow room. Say for yourself, isn’t that a bad start for your own cultivated (medicinal) weed?

8. Legal to share and swap

Unlike weed cuttings, you can buy 100% legal weed seeds. If you walk on the street with some seeds, no one can care. Keeping a box of weed cuttings, however, is a completely different story, in which case each cutting simply counts as a weed plant and in Canada, you are only to permitted to grow 4 plants at a time.

9. Take the best form the batch

If you grow from seeds you have the chance to win a great specimen. Unlike weed cuttings, weed seeds are all genetically slightly different. Look at it as if seed plants are sisters apart. Because of this you often have a wonderful variation in your harvest and sometimes there is a jewel of a weed plant in the mix to take some cuttings from. When you grow with the non-feminized seed you can also cross your plants to your heart’s content and you will have even cheaper seeds after harvest.

10. Long shelf life

Cannabis seeds stay good in the fridge for years. Sometimes even decades, but a few years is never a problem for weed seeds. Cannabis clones that are once rooted can unfortunately not be put away until you need them, seeds can.

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