About WGCC

Welcome fellow weed enthusiasts!

The recent legalization of recreational weed, we call it “weed,” in Canada has excited us all. As citizens now have the right to grow and process four weed plants per adult (Check Provincial Laws), per home. We can now buy legal weed online through Provincial Government websites, and in some provinces directly from storefront facilities. In saying that, even in its infancy state, it is quite evident  that our provinces face some growing pains. The issues that face our Provinces and Federal Canadian Governments’ with regard to legal weed, are deep and complicated. Shortages, sub-par product, long waits, but most importantly way overpriced weed, have people scrambling, looking for alternatives.

How we hope to help our weed growing community

We will be placing links to products that you can purchase to improve, extend, speed or otherwise support your growth. The links we curate will be of  interest to you in your journey to a self-sufficient weed lifestyle. If you would like us to remove or add any links to support or protect our community of readers, please feel free to drop us a line. It is our primary goal of weed enthusiasts and affiliate marketers to answer your questions and provide the highest level of support.

Our simple plan for our weed community

Over the coming months, weeks and days we hope to enlighten and excite you about growing weed. WGC will take you through the entire process of growing weed or weed or marijuana (however you choose to refer to the plant) from seed to smoke or from clone to smoke. Weed Grow Cannabis promises to our my absolute best to explain and define every process accurately and to present it in an uncomplicated, easy to follow forum with hyperlinks that will take you directly to articles, definitions, products and videos that we personally endorse.

We will only post links to products that we have either used ourselves or from friends and colleagues that have used them with success. I am not here to feed you “click bait,” but rather to help you embark on an amazing and extremely fulfilling venture where you have the opportunity to grow cheap, potent and strain-specific weed, suited to your own personal preference.

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