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Best weed to grow at home

Each person has different tastes, and when we talk about cannabis varieties it is no less. When a list of best varieties is made, it is difficult for everyone to agree with it. Not all people like the flavours of incense, musk, spices, fuel or cheese. It also becomes difficult to choose only seven varieties when there are thousands and hundreds have been tested. On this occasion our selection is made up of 5 varieties both sativa and indica and hybrid, a safe bet that will not disappoint anyone.

Rosetta Stone: It is one of the most famous varieties of Grimm Brothers, an old seed bank that closed at the beginning of this century and that recently returned again with some of its most mythical varieties. Rosetta Stone is a simply spectacular Ginger Ale x White Widow hybrid. It is a productive plant, with super resinous and compact buds, with citrus flavors with slight background to incense inheritance of its Jack Herer genes. The effects are powerful and balanced, it is a variety with a cerebral onset that will invite you to do any type of activity.

Peyote Purple: it is a feminization of a pre-98 Bubba Kush. This 100% indica variety or you like it, or hate it, there is usually no middle ground. It has several phenotypes, from those of medium production with numerous buds the size of a coin, to one that produces long and heavy tails. The buds tend to acquire beautiful purple tones, sometimes almost black. The resin production is scandalous, even the leaves near the buds will be astonished at how resinous they are. Its flavor has chemical touches like shampoo in some cases, which, contrary to what it may seem, becomes an addictive flavor. The effects despite being an indica are very electrifying at the beginning.

Pakistan Chitral Kush: any lover of the indica varieties, should cultivate this jewel made known at the end of the 2000s. It is a pure Pakistani indica from which we can find two phenotypes. One green, quite productive and with buds with earthy flavors, with moss and hashish. The other, the most spectacular and sought after, is a purple phenotype. This has given rise to many of the purple varieties that can be found in the market today, so nothing better than going to the origin when it comes to looking for a purple variety. Even the hashish you get from it is purple. Its flavor is also incredible, like yogurt from berries. And being a pure indica, it is a good start for any parenting project.

Silver Haze: of the great Haze hybrids (Jack Herer, NL # 5xHaze, Super Silver Haze …), this one is not the best known even though it has been in the Sensi Seeds catalog for a few decades. It is an elegant sativa, crossing an Afghan and Haze indica. Winner of numerous awards, it is a plant that gathers all the power and energy of the Haze, but one could say that it is “domesticated”. It is quite easy to grow indoors and its 70 days of flowering, make it appetizing for anyone who wants to try an excellent sativa without thinking of an endless flowering. Incense touches are not as present as in other Haze, but mainly dominate citrus. The effects are very psychoactive, almost psychedelic.

Blueberry:  for many it is the tastiest variety of how many exist, and it is not for less. However, at present it has neither the blueberry flavor nor the characteristic purple / bluish color of its buds. This is the most famous variety created by DJ Short between the 70s and 80s, starting lines from Thailand, Mexico and Afghanistan. The result is a peculiar plant, with leaves that sometimes touch the amorphous, not too productive but that all makes up for the quality of its flowers. As we say, its blueberry flavor is very marked, very sweet, sweet and also fruity. The effects are mainly relaxing, but with an electrical onset of your sativa genes. In addition its flowering barely lasts 50 days.

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