10 tips for home weed growers in Canada

If you have never grown weed plants, you will miss crucial growing knowledge. It sounds probable that you could fatten a weed plant with food or that it is a good sign that seedlings are getting long. If you...

Growing Weed indoors a Guide for Beginners in Canada

What you need to know to Grow Weed Indoors

This blog is a guide for beginners in

Is Growing Weed Hard?

What I found was, with proper information, growing a bud producing weed plant is surprisingly easy. So no, it’s not that hard. Even if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could grow ANY old...

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For your plants to photosynthesis, they require three essential elements. The plants’ leaves absorb light energy. The cannabis plant roots absorb water and nutrients lastly carbon dioxide is absorbed by the leaves as well. Without light, your beautiful weed will not grow, and it will die.

With an indoor grow it will be your only job to mimic the sun. You will adjust the hours of light exposure. More prolonged exposure to represent the summer growing phases and less light for your fall metaphor for your flowering stages. This section of Weed Grow Cannabis will touch on all the information we can research or curate to make your home grow a brilliant opportunity.

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