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Fimming vs Topping your weed to increase yield

When weed plants just grow undisturbed, they get the shape of a Christmas tree. Nice, perhaps, but not the most efficient for dry weight. That is why most growers top their weed plants at least once. But should they be fimming instead?

Which is better Topping or Fimming

Fimming and topping are forms of high-stress training in which you prune weed plants in one way or another. The plant is, as it were, amputated, which of course provides the necessary stress – hence the name. When topping you cut the top growing point of the main stem or a branch of a weed plant so that two branches are created where one first grew (increase in the number of buds) and the branches below develop better (broadening of the plant and more side branches).

By topping you increase the number of branches and the plant develops more in width.

Fimming has exactly the same purpose as a topping, and seems almost exactly the same in terms of action. Only instead of the entire growth point, you remove only about two-thirds of the growth point during fimming. This does not create two new main branches, but four. Actually, no extra branches are created by filming, but because you leave the very first principles of the top two nodes in fimming, they also grow into new branches.


A new branch grows from a node. When you remove the entire tip at the ‘Topping Cut Location’ on the drawing, this location will grow into two new branches. However, if only a part of the tip is removed by ‘Fimming Cut Location’ there are four locations that will grow into new branches.

Is Fimming better?

So when you fim, your weed plant develops more buds (branches) than when you top, namely four instead of two. But that is not the reason why fimming is better than topping. The reason why fimming is better than topping is that it adds much less stress on your weed plant. Because you trim a smaller part of the plant when filming, the plant can recover much faster and lose fewer valuable leaves.

Okay, now you could argue that sometimes you just want fewer new branches on your plant. But even then, fimming is the best choice, but you have to do it earlier (earlier in the development of your plant). A node sooner to be precise. The previous image shows the topping or fimming location should take place just after the fourth node growth. By fimming you bring minimal damage to your marijuana plant, with maximum results. And that is why fimming is always better than topping.

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