How Can Bat Guano Help Feed your Weed Plants

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If you are knowledgeable in the cultivation of weed, you may have probably heard about bat guano. If you are starting or are picking growing up as a hobby, you might not have heard. In this blog post, we will be discussing how bat guano can help your plants, how to use it, and when.

What is Bat Guano?

To put it simply bat guano is an accumulation of bat feces or bat manure. It is highly desirable as a fertilizer due to its naturally high content of nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium, which are all critical nutrients for weed plant growth. With bat guano, you can get a very high-quality fertilizer; however, one downside is that it can become costly.

In addition to enriching the soil, bat guano can also be used as a soil conditioner and also to improve drainage and texture. Bat guano also acts as a natural fungicide and helps control nematodes in the soil. Another useful property is that it an activator or accelerator of the decomposition process so the plants will better absorb it.

What are the properties of bat guano?

This fertilizer provides the plants and the substrate with a high concentration of nutrients. Among this, you will find 10 percent nitrogen, 3 percent phosphorus and 1 percent potassium. Nitrogen is responsible for the plant’s growth quickly and healthy. For its part, phosphorus helps the root and favour the development of flowers. Finally, potassium is essential in providing overall health to marijuana plants.

How do I use bat guano as a weed fertilizer?

Within the conception of fertilizer, the guano or bat manure is used as a cover fertilizer. For this purpose, we can mix it with tea or apply it directly on the ground, as well as having the option of using it both wet and dry. Use the mixture throughout the regular irrigations of your weed plants. It is also important to note that this fertilizer is used in much smaller amounts than other types of manure.

How to make bat guano tea

Bat guano tea is extremely useful and can be applied to a wide variety of plants. It provides the plant with most of its essential nutrients. You will find some advanced or expert growers swear by bat guano as their go-to fertilizer.

As we have already mentioned, bat guano can be applied as fertilizer, being one of the most popular methods is tea. Through this modality, the fertilizer provides a deep and quality feed to the root of the plants. Since weed plants have long deep roots, it is crucial for the fertilizer to penetrate to the bottom of the pot and that there is adequate drainage.

To prepare bat guano tea, we must dissolve the guano in water overnight. This will allow you to strain the mixture once it has settled. Once strained, you will be ready to use it for the risk of weed plants. As for the proportions of water and manure, use one cup of bat guano per gallon of water. It will be then when you are ready to apply it on the plants.

It is a straightforward method used both professionals and amateurs in the world of weed. Many people use it as a fertilizer to keep a whole garden in good condition since bat guano is useful both for plants and for the soil in general.

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