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How do I keep from getting mould​ on my weed?

We hope it never happens. You may, however, see, buds covered with a white layer like cotton, botrytis or gray mould may have infected that plant. This fungus is very dangerous because it takes advantage of the tiniest crack to attack it and to ruin our entire harvest in a matter of weeks. Therefore, all precautions are few to avoid this dreaded infection.

How to avoid mould in your marijuana buds

Breeders design increasingly fast genetics when it comes to flowering. To prevent plants from suffering any infection. Beyond the pests or parasites that may threaten our harvest, there is a risk that our weed plants will suffer from botrytis or gray mould. This fungal infection is pernicious for multiple reasons. It attacks the precious buds. It’s also because the spores can infect the nearest flowers and, most importantly, because the symptoms are evident to the eye when putrefaction is at an advanced stage.

The main factors that cause the arrival of this terrible fungus are high temperatures or humidity in our crop. The more moisture there is, the more likely it is that gray mould will contaminate plants, because this is essential for their development. Hence, it is necessary to control the levels that are in our plantation, to give no advantage to this enemy.

Even if we have removed them from some plants, the spores of the botrytis remain dormant for several years. When the atmospheric conditions are favourable, they redevelop. There is nothing. You must not lower our guard at any time and take the necessary measures to prevent gray mould from attacking any of your marijuana plants.

Measures to prevent gray mould

During all the development of our crop we will have to pay a lot of attention to the different factors that cause the appearance of gray mold:

Control moisture: this is your gateway to infect our plants, so we will have to put it hard. For this, we will have to control that the humidity levels stay low at all times. Another measure is to maintain large spaces between plants so they are more stimulated in their growth.

Hygiene, a fundamental factor

The cleanliness of our plants and cultivation tools and your growing space is vital to avoid appearing the dreaded botrytis. Sterilize the equipment when you use it, clean the grow space, do not to leave the organic or vegetable matter to decompose.

Keep the plants in perfect health

Avoid at all costs wounding a plant, however small that becomes the gateway for the arrival of this feared fungus. For this reason, we must also pay a lot of attention to the branches below, which can have a higher degree of humidity and be easy victims for botrytis.

The excess of irrigation, a weakness

Watering your plants is a necessary process to consider. Keep in mind is that it will always be more convenient to water in the morning since at the end of the day there is a higher chance of increasing humidity. The watering process is also essential to consider during the last phase of flowering. Do not water until you check that either the soil is dry or in the case of ‘indoor’ crops, the pot weighs little. If we do not take these precautions, the buds can rot.

Your big, glorious buds can become the primary victims of this mushroom. Many weed growers recommend an apical pruning that reduces the size of weed flowers. This type of pruning will produce many more small but healthy buds, instead of larger ones with higher humidity, more prone to being infected.

Undoubtedly gray mould or botrytis is the last thing we want to happen when we grow weed. However, everything has a solution, and disinfecting plants that have fallen prey to this fungus is possible. But, by following the advice of experienced growers, prevention is better than a cure. So take all reasonable precautions, follow our information and you will not have to throw your hands to your head and your plants in the compose.

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