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What are auto-flowering weed seeds?

Auto-flowering seeds, also called automatic seeds are genetically bred to flower automatically. Without changing daylight hours and without removing the male plants auto-flowering weed plants can be grown successfully. To put this another way, auto-flowering seeds do not rely on the photoperiods to go from vegetative growth to flow and on to harvest. 

Auto-flowering marijuana seeds grow much faster than other none manipulated weed seeds. The female weed plant flowers without the risk of pollination. You could say that the auto-flowering seed provides a harvest with less work while keeping high quality.

The use of automatic seeds is perfect for novice growers, for small spaces, outdoor or indoor crops, and areas with not very warm climates, if you want to cultivate in outdoor lands.

Advantages of growing weed auto-flowering plants outdoors

There are several ways to grow automatic seeds. Depending on the type of crop, these marijuana seeds will provide some advantages over others.

If you grow auto-flowering seeds outdoors, in your back yard or your deck, they can provide us with two or more crops throughout the summer.

When you expose them to intense light, the automatic seeds can pass from a seedling to a fully mature plant in 10 weeks.

Growing Auto-flowering weed plants indoors

Auto-flowering weed seeds can also be grown indoors or in greenhouses, creating feminized plants with a broad genetic range in which you can find different a variety of flavours, aromas and effects.

Also, automatic seeds tend to be robust and highly resistant to fungal infections, pests, mould and frost. The autoflower resilience is due to its robust genetic lineage typical of the Eurasian North, which gives them the ability to flourish in less than optimal conditions. These traits are what make auto-flowering plants the best option for beginning growers. These flexible traits are perfect for budding growers who are looking to grow at home in Canada.

Auto-flowering seed grow production factors

When we talk about performance, we refer to the ability of auto-flowering seeds to give good results and grow consistently and healthy. Depending on their characteristics and the area where the marijuana seeds are planted, they will offer variations in performance.

If we focus on volume, the auto-flowering seeds offer yields of considerable size, regardless of what the environmental conditions are, without very intense light sources they give excellent results.

However, there is a general rule that based on the fact that the higher the intensity of light received by automatic weed seeds, the bigger the buds!

You should bear in mind that the amount the auto-flowering seeds will produce will depend on the final size of the plant. Therefore, you will see better performance in automatic seeds grown in a greenhouse with high-intensity lights, compared to those produced, outdoors relying only on environmental conditions.

Feminized or regular seeds are the best for more experienced weed growers. These regular seeds create great yield and substantially larger buds than the auto-flowering variety. That said if grown indoors with the right equipment and conditions, auto flower seeds can hold their own with the regulars.

Are there higher levels of THC when growing auto-flowering seeds

Let’s face it THC is essential for a grower/smoker. When the proportion of this element is high, marijuana seeds produce buds of high quality, which have high levels of cannabinoids. All without the need to be grown under intense lights for specific periods.

The care and attention to the growing of non-automatic seeds is critical in the sense of planning the time of exposure to light, regardless of whether it is natural or artificial. Equally critical is the time the plants spends in the dark. Root growth, in general, takes place at night in the dark. Also, light pollution tends to be a great enemy of feminized non auto-flowering marijuana seeds.

This contamination, however small, confuses the “internal clocks” of plants related to the decision to be vegetating or blooming. Be mindful of this, because you can put the plant to bloom before it ends the vegetative process and does not obtain the desired product. The opposite is also true that you can have a plant revert to the vegetative stage from the flower.

The auto-flowering seeds have the capacity to complete their life cycle independently of the duration of the days and the exposure to light. You will get better results if you subject them to at least 18 hours of light. Automatic seeds grow without the need to be subjected to the usual cycle of 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness so that they can flourish successfully.

Auto flowering marijuana seeds are “immune” to light pollution. They are not governed by periods of light, so they tolerate irregularities produced in light and darkness. Which means they are great for growing in Canadian cities. 

What is the back story on auto-flowing varieties?

Cannabis Ruderalis, the original variety of auto-flowering plants, originated in central Russia. There the climatic conditions were harsh and inhospitable, the reason why the plants had to develop the capacity of survival to resist to these situations. Cannabis Ruderalis transferred this ability to the other varieties of marijuana plants.

In the Indian continent and the equatorial and tropical zones, there were no warm summers. The weed in these areas was not subjected to changing cycles of light, so it was not warned of the beginning of summer to be able to start its flowering.

To this was added that the climate could become cold and kill the plants before beginning the process of pollination and planting.

For this reason, it had to start blooming when it was large enough to have the time necessary to complete its reproductive cycle and create new weed seeds.

Rapidly the breeders of seeds realized the great advantage that this ability supposed for other varieties of marijuana.

In this way, they began to breed and cross seeds with the ability to “auto-flowering,” giving rise to auto-flowering seeds.

Autoflowering seeds are recommended for beginners

This type of weed seeds is ideal for beginners who start in the cultivation of marijuana. Keep in mind the benefits offered by auto-flowering seeds. One of them is that the filters can be used to be able to choose in a natural way to the size of the harvest, the flowering time of the seeds, their height, their type (indica, sativa or hybrid) and concerning the price, among many other variants.

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