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What is a Sea of Green and How to Grow One?

The idea of the Sea of Green (SOG) method is to bring as many plants in the smallest space in a very short time in the flowering phase. In doing so, one tries to achieve a certain uniformity, to set a monoculture in the figurative sense. The name “Sea of Green” is explained by the fact that all hemp plants have the same height and shape, so it does not come as in “normal” cultivation method to completely individual growth of weed plants. This creates the impression that lies in front of a sea of green leaves.

The secret lies in the setup of the grow material because you work with the Sea of Green (SOG) method with hemp cuttings, ie clones of a single, strong mother plant. All clones possess identical genetic material as their mother plant! If a clone is pulled from a 6-month-old mother plant, the small hemp cuttings, despite their just beginning growth, also already the age of 6 months. Only then is it possible that all plants have an identical growth behaviour and you can initiate the flowering phase very early. A detailed guide to cloning weed plants can be found in a separate chapter of our hemp magazine.

Before we give you a step by step guide to the Sea of Green method, let’s take a look at the benefits:

  • Young plants all have the top genetics of the mother plant
  • Many hemp plants in a confined space
  • The growth of all cuttings is identical
  • As a result, the light reaches all plants equally well
  • Very many buds per square meter are the result
  • The flowering phase can be initiated very quickly
  • Due to the short growth phase, pests have little time to cause damage
  • A consistent harvest is possible
  • This results in high yields
  • Perfect for growers with a low ceiling height

Important instructions:

Since the plants are quite close together, good ventilation should be provided
Best suited for the Sea of Green Method Indica or varieties with high Indica share

Application of the Sea of Green method in practice in 4 steps

Step 1: The optimal structure

Mother plant:

At an age of 6-8 weeks, the mother plant has mostly reached the size and strength, so that you can pull it from hemp cuttings at regular intervals. It stands in a separate room and has nothing to do with the actual Sea of Green method, it only serves as the basis for the production of cuttings.

Growth area

The freshly cut hemp cuttings come in 10-15cm pots and are brought to rooting and small growth with an illumination time (use of fluorescent tubes or LEDs) of 18 hours. If they have a size of about 5 cm at the beginning, then they should have an average size of 20-40cm when moving into the “flower room”. This size is usually reached after 7-10 days.

In this phase, it is important to monitor the plants exactly because they must not grow too bushy!


The young plants are brought into the flowering room with a size of 20-40cm where they are lit with a sodium vapor lamp or powerful 12/12 LEDs. If the plants do not all have the same height, the larger hemp plants on the outside and the smaller plants should be in the center. In addition, it is very important that the pots are actually close to each other to avoid wasting space. The pots are slightly deeper than wide. In this way, the plant has the opportunity to root sufficiently and the pots can still be placed close together.

Step 2: Choice of the mother plant

Choosing the right mother plant is crucial, as the hemp cuttings will have pulled all their properties from them. Therefore, the selection should be made wisely and the following points should be thoroughly examined before the final selection:

  • Size and strength (as many offshoots are pulled by her)
  • odour
  • growth
  • bloom speed
  • Resistance to pests and diseases
  • In addition, it should, of course, be tried out beforehand – criteria are:
  • taste
  • effect

Once the mother plant has been chosen, the first hemp cuttings can be grown.

Step 3: Hemp cuttings

When pulling the cuttings, it is important to decide how many you want to put on the given space in the “blooming room” or ask. How exactly you do this is described in detail in this guide.

It is not appropriate to directly pull the maximum number of hemp cuttings but to do this in stages. So you have permanent weed plants in the different growth and flowering stages and can harvest permanently.

Step 4: The permanent harvest

As indicated in step 3, the Sea of Green (SOG) method offers the option of permanent harvesting. To illustrate how this works, let’s take a concrete example:


We have space for 4 hemp cuttings in the “blooming room”
First, we draw an offshoot and place it in the “growing space”
One week later, we draw another offshoot and place it in the growth room as well. The first offshoot has now gained significantly in height.
One week later we pull the third hemp cuttings. Meanwhile, we have transferred the first hemp cuttings into the “flowering room” and the second offshoot has gained in height.
If we draw the fourth offshoot, we can probably soon reap the clone we pulled first.
With this approach, we work with a rotation principle, so that we have throughout the time hemp plants in different stages of maturity.

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