Why feminized weed are better for growing at home

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Feminized seeds are purchased the most on the market. Of every 100 seeds sold, genetically modified feminized seeds make up 90 percent of those seeds sold. In general, when someone decides to buy seeds, in 99% of cases what they want are female plants. Most growers are not interested in mating plants. Most home and craft growers are looking to target a strain and ensure that it will grow female and not male. The presence of a male plant in your grow can minimize the quality of your harvest. Feminized seeds have been booming since the early 2000s. You can be sure they will stay prevalent with legalization across Canada

Female feminized marijuana seeds

Marijuana is a dioecious plant. weed requires both male and female plants to propagate naturally. The pollen of the males is in charge of pollinating the flowers of the females. Once pollinated, the female plant will produce seeds. Female plants have XX chromosomes, while males have XY chromosomes. Feminized marijuana seeds are created not to have male chromosomes. In this way, we make sure that the plant we grow will always be feminine and will give great resinous buds.

What are feminized seeds?

seeds that develop naturally are produced from the fertilization of a male plant to a female plant. The resulting seeds will also provide both male and female offspring. There is no way to know what it will give you until it grows. Thanks to the introduction of feminized seeds, cultivation becomes simpler. You know that all the seeds that you plant will give you flowers with big buds.

Modified weed seed

Marijuana plants are modified to survive even in the worst situations and in complicated climates. Any female marijuana plant, when subjected to some stress, looks for a way to cast male pollen to pollenate and continue with the evolution of its species. This impressive act of nature is what helps us get feminized seeds.

In general, a male and a female plant are needed to get seeds. However, instead of being produced by the male, feminized seeds arise as a result of forcing a female plant to produce pollen. Once it has done so, it is used to pollinate another female. What happens then? That this seed completely lacks male chromosomes. This means that the plants that grow will produce flowers.

Examples of plant stress

Some examples of plant stress are interruption of the photoperiod, high temperatures, and overfertilization to name a few. This stress is what ensures that the plant can be fertilized and, as there is a total absence of the male chromosome, the plant will always give feminized seeds.

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